Greenwood is a city in South Carolina with a humid and muggy climate in summers and wet weather conditions in winter. Roofs bear all the brunt of harsh weather conditions, making us write this blog. We will dive into the types of roofs in Greenwood, followed by the suggestion for the best roofing company Greenwood SC that will come in handy for roofing tasks. Humidity sometimes damages the roof and the shingles. This makes availing service of roof repair in Greenwood SC from the best roofing company even the more crucial.

Check some of the roofing types in Greenwood, SC

  • Cedar roof – The cold winters make one shiver and stay near heaters only. It results in a humongous electricity bill. Well, here is a one-time solution – The cedar roof. Cedar roof provides great insulation and traps energy. You can get this roof installed irrespective of the weather conditions as they don’t depend on sealants to remain fixed. In addition to this, cedar roofs protect against extreme weather conditions as they are highly resistible and require less repairing. Lastly, they give an attractive look. Call the roofing company Greenwood SC and get it done if you have decided to replace your old roof with a cedar roof.
  • Asphalt roofs – Another type of roof common in Greenwood, SC, is asphalt shingling. Asphalt is a prevalent substance since it repulses water and strongly ties the little granules on the exterior. Additionally, it is mass-produced, and therefore the cost is reasonable. Asphalt is exceptionally impervious to breaking or parting. This strength, joined with their waterproofing, makes asphalt roofs an unrivaled decision for some homes. Another important fact about asphalt roofs is that the layered shingles are heavier and thicker. They frequently accompany longer guarantees, going from 30 years to a lifetime. But one needs to keep an eye on the roofs as they are exposed to sun and cold. And, hence Roof repair Greenwood SC is an easily accessible service here.
  • Concrete tiles – Another apt choice for roofs in Greenwood, SC, is concrete tiles. As the name suggests, these roofs guarantee high strength and are resistant to runoffs & snow. Also, concrete tile roofs stand up unimaginably well against high breezes.

Concrete roof tiles are cost-effective and offer long-term performance. Additionally, the tiles can be easily customized to suit the architectural design. If a single tile is damaged, it is quite easy for a company offering roof repair in Greenwood, SC, to replace it. The entire roof remains unaltered.

Besides the long-life expectancy, concrete tiles rooftops are an eco-friendly decision, as they’re built from standard materials and minerals, which means you’re not adding to synthetic contamination. The lower maintenance makes it a suitable choice for Greenwood, SC homes.

If you are impressed by the merits of concrete tiles, dial the number of roofing company Greenwood SC and get started with the work.

  1. Clay tile roofs – Clay tile roofs again are good for harsh climatic conditions. Spanish architectural styles inspire these and therefore look quite aesthetic. Clay tiles have a more extended life expectancy than numerous other materials. With due care, timely repair, and maintenance, these roofs may last up to 100 years. They’re fire and bug safe. As mentioned initially, clay tiles can endure the most outrageous sweltering and chilly climate occasions. These are ready to oppose the destructive bright radiation from the sun making them the best choice for homes in Greenwood, SC.

These are some of the most seen roof types in Greenwood, SC. The list includes many more material options, which you can discuss with the experts at

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