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Hey there, Greenwood! I’m Troy Case, owner of Case Roofing. We’re not your typical big-box roofing outfit. Think of us as your neighborly roofing experts who understand that your home or business isn’t just a building – it’s your pride and joy. We’re dedicated to a different kind of roofing experience, one where partnership, quality, and genuine care come first. Case Roofing is proud to serve homeowners and businesses across South Carolina, emphasizing our deep understanding of the unique roofing needs in the state.

What We Do

Residential Roofing Repair

Whatever issues you may have we have you covered.

Residential Roofing Maintenance

Quarterly checkups are essential for keeping a roof in tip-top shape. 

Residential Roofing Services

Need a free quote? Hail Damage, loose shingles? Water Leak, We are there to help you understand what’s going on. 

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What are Roofing Services?

Let’s break it down – at its core, roofing services are all about protecting your investment from the top down. That sturdy roof over your head? It’s not just shingles. It’s a whole system working together: the underlayment for extra moisture protection, the flashing to keep leaks out, roof inspections to identify and address any underlying issues before they escalate, and of course, the roofing material itself. Our job is to make sure all those parts work perfectly, whether we’re installing a brand-new roof, conducting thorough roof inspections as a preventive measure, or patching up wear and tear.

  • Shingle Repair
  • Curling Singles
  • Shrinkage
  • Flashing repairs due to improper installation
  • Listed Shingles
  • Weathering of shingles
  • Leaky Roof Repair
  • Poor Roofing Ventilation

Case Roofing: Your Partner in Roofing

Here’s what you can expect when you bring Case Roofing onto your team:

  • Roof Installation Done Right: We’re obsessed with getting every detail right. We’ll sit down with you to understand what you need – whether that’s budget-friendly asphalt shingles, storm-resistant metal roofing, or something else entirely. We’ll work with you to select the best materials and make sure the installation is flawless because a roof is only as good as how it’s put together.
  • Roof Repairs That Solve the Problem: Got a leak? Missing shingles? We’re on it. Those pesky roofing problems can be tricky, but that’s our bread and butter. No more just slapping down a patch, we pinpoint the source of the issue and fix it right the first time.
  • Roof Maintenance: Prevention is Key: Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your roof loves a good checkup. Our maintenance plans are all about catching those little problems before they turn into big headaches. Think of it as an investment in your peace of mind.
  • Free Estimate on Your Project: Ready to start your roofing project but unsure about costs? We offer a no-obligation free estimate to give you a clear understanding of what to expect. This is your first step towards a hassle-free roofing experience.
  • Assistance with Your Insurance Company: Navigating insurance claims can be daunting. We stand by our customers by assisting with insurance company claims, ensuring you get the fairest deal without the stress of handling it all on your own.
Your Partner for Roofing in Greenwood SC

Your Roof, Your Style – Types of Roofs

Okay, let’s get into the fun part – what kind of roof will be sitting pretty on top of your home? When selecting materials and styles, it’s crucial to consider the entire roof to ensure a holistic approach to roofing. This means thinking about how each option will cover and protect the entire roof, ensuring thoroughness and quality service. There’s a lot more to a roof than just shingles! We’ll help you figure out the look, the lifespan, and the level of protection that’s best for you. Here’s a look at the most popular options around Greenwood:

  • Asphalt Shingles: The Classic Choice Think of these as the reliable workhorse of roofs. They’re budget-friendly, come in a bunch of colors to suit any home, and can handle most of what Greenwood weather throws at them.
  • Metal Roofing: Built to Last If you want a roof that can practically outlive you, metal is where it’s at. It’s a bit pricier upfront, but it shrugs off hail, reflects the summer sun to keep things cool, and can last for decades. Plus, they come in more styles than you might think!
  • Flat Roofs: The Modern Option Flat roofs (which actually have a very slight slope, don’t worry) are super common on commercial buildings, but more and more folks are loving their clean look for homes too. We specialize in modern, long-lasting materials for flat roofs that are way better than the old-school stuff.
  • And More! Did someone say slate? Tile? Fancy stuff like that? We can source specialty materials too! Don’t be afraid to ask if you have a particular style in mind.

Choosing the Right One: It’s Not Just About Looks

We know, that picking out the color is fun, but trust us, there’s more to it than that! Here’s what we’ll consider when recommending the right roof for you:

  • Your Budget: No beating around the bush – roofs can be a big investment, and different materials have different price tags. We’ll always be honest about the costs.
  • Your Home’s Style: A classic shingle fits right in on a cozy bungalow, while a sleek metal roof looks amazing on a modern build. We’ll help you find options that compliment your home.
  • Greenwood’s Weather: Intense sun, those summer downpours, even the occasional hail – we factor it all in to suggest materials built to handle it long-term.

Still not sure? No problem! That’s what consultations are for. We love walking you through the options and making sure you feel confident in your roof choice.

How It Works: Clear and Simple

We want working with us to be as easy as can be:

  1. Let’s Chat: Think we might be a good fit? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll talk about your needs and schedule a no-pressure consultation.
  2. The Roof Rundown: We’ll take a good hard look at your roof, discuss options, and answer any questions you’ve got. Total transparency, no hidden surprises.
  3. The Plan: We’ll put together a detailed estimate – and more importantly, a clear plan that keeps you in the loop every step of the way.
  4. Quality Work, Done Right: Our team prides itself on careful workmanship. We’ll work efficiently, respect your property, and stand by our work.

Why Choose Case Roofing?

Here’s the deal:

  • Personalized Experience: With us, you’re not a number on a list. You’re working directly with me, the owner (yep, that’s me – Troy) from start to finish. Plus, we’re proud to offer senior citizen discounts, emphasizing our commitment to providing value and care to all segments of our community.
  • Workmanship You Can Trust: We may be small, but we’re mighty particular about doing every job the right way. No cutting corners here!
  • Communication is Key: We hate leaving you wondering. Expect regular updates, answers to your questions, and zero confusion about what’s happening with your roof.
Roofing Inspection Process Greenwood SC

How Our Roof Inspection Process Happens:

Case Roofing offers a ‘free roof inspection’ to help identify any potential issues, emphasizing the value of this service to homeowners. Whether you’ve noticed a suspicious leak or just want to make sure everything’s in good shape, a proper roof inspection is where we start. Here’s how we roll when it comes to giving your roof a thorough checkup:

Step 1: The Exterior Eye

We don’t just hop up on the roof right away (though we’ll do that too!). First, we start with a ground-level inspection:

  • Looking for the Obvious: Missing shingles, damaged flashing, anything that looks out of place.
  • The Gutters Tell a Story: Clogged gutters, excessive shingle granules… those can be clues to hidden roof problems.
  • The Whole Picture: We step back to check the roofline for any sagging or unusual angles that may hint at bigger issues.

Step 2: Up on the Roof

After the ground-level check, it’s time to get a closer look. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on:

  • Material Condition: Buckling shingles, rust on metal, any signs of wear and tear beyond normal aging.
  • Roof Leak Identification: Our inspection zeroes in on detecting and addressing roof leaks efficiently. We provide free estimates for fixing leaks and are highly recommended for our expertise in resolving roof leak issues.
  • Those Critical Spots: We pay extra attention to areas where leaks, especially roof leaks, are most likely: around chimneys, flashing, vents, etc.
  • The Attic Inspection: Sometimes, the inside tells the best story. We head to your attic (with your permission, of course!) to check for moisture stains, signs of light coming through, or problems with the roof structure itself.

Step 3: It’s Not Just What We See, It’s What We Tell You

An inspection is worthless if you’re left confused. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Plain English Explanations No fancy jargon, just a clear breakdown of what we’ve found in terms you can understand.
  • Visual Proof: We’ll take photos of any areas of concern so you can see exactly what we’re talking about.
  • Your Options, No Pressure: If we spot problems, we’ll discuss solutions, repair options, or a replacement if needed. The choice of how to proceed is always yours.

Our Goal: Empowering You to Make the Best Choices for Your Roof

Think of us as your roof translator! We take the mystery out of what’s going on up there and give you the knowledge you need to make confident decisions.

Roof Maintenance: Prevention is Key:


Think of roof maintenance like taking your car for an oil change. Catch those little issues early, and you prevent major breakdowns further down the road. Regular maintenance can prevent premature roof replacement, emphasizing the cost-saving benefits of catching issues early and ensuring the longevity of your roof. Here’s how to be proactive about protecting your roof (and your wallet!)

The Case Roofing Maintenance Plan: Your Roof’s Best Friend

Not the DIY type? No Worries! Our maintenance plans are all about giving you the benefits of regular upkeep without the hassle. Here’s how it usually works:

  • Regularly Scheduled Checkups: We’ll come out on a schedule that suits your roof’s age and condition (annually or semi-annually is typical).
  • The Thorough Inspection: Just like our regular inspections, we’ll give your roof a full examination both inside and out.
  • Minor Repairs on the Spot: Spot a loose shingle? A bit of worn flashing? We often fix small issues right then and there, preventing them from becoming big headaches.
  • The Detailed Report: You’ll always get a rundown of what we found and any recommendations for further action.

DIY Maintenance: When to Grab the Ladder (and When to Call Us!)

Feeling handy? Here are a few things most homeowners can handle themselves:

  • Keep Those Gutters Clean: Clogged gutters can lead to water backing up under your shingles. Regular cleaning is key!
  • Inspections from the Ground: Grab some binoculars and check for obvious damage after a big storm. Missing shingles, damaged flashing, anything out of the ordinary – give us a call!
  • Trim Back the Trees: Overhanging branches can scrape your roof or drop debris. Keeping them trimmed helps protect your shingles.

When in Doubt, Just Ask!

Not sure if something is normal wear and tear, or a sign of trouble? No shame in asking the pros! We’d rather answer a quick question than see a minor problem turn into a major repair.

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