Roofs define and underline your property looks. Besides having aesthetic power, roofs are very important for homes or any other structure as they shield the property from weather conditions. Roofs mark the end of any construction. However, will one roof installation work throughout the life span of the house? Check with roofing company Greenwood, SC for expert guidance.

We Can Help You Determine When To Replace Your Shingle Roof

Roofs can last for a lifetime or at least 25-30 years with a regular inspection and timely repair, maintenance, or replacement. If you do not possess the knack to judge which of the two is required, call some roofing company in Greenwood SC, and they will do the inspection, repair, maintenance, and installation, whichever is needed.

These companies are quite active in places of extreme weather conditions. Roofing company Greenwood SC is the best resource for keeping a tab on your residential or commercial roof.

Factors That Determine When To Replace Your Shingle Roof

Curled shingle

Twisted shingles are an obvious indicator that your shingle roof needs some attention in either repairing or replacement. Clasped shingles can happen given dampness in the loft space driving nails to push up. This setback can allow your home to stay uncovered to external components. Cities like Greenwood, SC, have a humid and wet climate. Therefore, calling the roofing company Greenwood SC is mandatory if one notices some buckled shingles


If you find granules while sweeping your lawn, know something is wrong with your shingle roof. Noticing missing granules on the rooftop is an indicator of the fact that your roof is losing its weatherproofing characteristics.

Missing shingles

Another indicator is missing shingles. This shows that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. Missing shingles make the rooftop permeable to water and moisture. When water and moisture are allowed to penetrate, it leads to bubbles in the walls and ceilings. This makes the paint come off, giving an ugly look to the interiors. Check on a roofing company in Greenwood, SC, if your shingles are missing to save this damage.

Algae growth on shingles

If you ever notice some greenish and sticky substance growing on your roof, know that it’s time to call a roofing company in Greenwood SC or the roofing company in your vicinity. Algae growth or mold growth indicates that the bacteria are eating away shingle roofs’ resisting properties. The growth of algae compromises the weatherproofing features of the roof, and thus, snow, winds, and rains can easily damage your homes.

At the same time, mold growth is caused by the trapping of air on the undersides of the roof due to poor ventilation. This affects the shingles as well as the inside material like plywood. If left untreated for a long time, it will cost you triple what a replacement at the proper time would have cost.


If you live in a cold place like Greenwood, SC, and notice huge chunks of icicles hanging out of your roof edges, you might need the help of a roofing company in Greenwood, SC. The meltwater leads to the shifting of shingles on the roof. Assuming you have ice framing, you realize that heat is going into your attic and liquefying the ice on your rooftop. If the shingles are shifted already, it will cause the water droplets to penetrate through the ceiling, which further develops problems.


Book Roof Inspection With Roofing Company Greenwood Sc

These are some clear signs of your shingle roof needing a replacement. If this is deferred, it turns the molehill into a mountain of damage. Hence, the right thing to do is call a roofing company in Greenwood, SC, for inspection frequently if you live here. As the weather conditions are extreme – too humid and too wet, Greenwood city in South Carolina has good roof replacement, repairing, and installation services providers. is one of the prominent names in the roofing services provider domain that has served hundreds of clients in over 27 years of service.

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