If you require a roofing contractor, you must understand the significance of hiring the right one. Providing your home or office with a new roof is an investment that will affect its longevity and value, so take some time to determine your options. Moreover, there are several factors to consider when finding the best contractor for the job. Therefore, before hiring a professional roofing contractor in Greenwood, SC, ask the following questions. These will help you determine how a candidate stacks up against expectations and other competitors, ultimately leading you to hire the best professional for the job.

Are You Licensed in the State? | Roofing Contractor in Greenwood, SC

The first thing you should ask when deciding on a contractor is whether or not they are properly licensed in the state. A professional may skip out on paying thousands of dollars in licensing fees if the professional is not licensed. Your client is losing out on important safety training, which will null and void any guarantees or warranties null and void. The license-check process only takes a few minutes, so take the time to verify their credentials before hiring them. Moreover, your current state is likely a requirement for working on federal projects, so it may be worth checking into.

What Does Your Insurance Policy Look Like?

Not only does your roofing contractor need to be licensed and insured, but they need to have a strong liability policy as well. In many cases, damage from leaky roofs is part of the reason why homeowners need new roofs, so they must do so in an ensured fashion. Additionally, if any accidents do occur during the course or installation, there should be a way in which your roofing contractor can cover them. A strong policy protects both you and your client from any unfortunate mishaps.

What are the Building Codes for the State?

While it may seem like a no-brainer, the code compliance of your professional depends entirely on what state you’re in. Depending on the area, buildings may be required to meet certain standards for the integrity of their roofs. For instance, if you reside in a humid climate, your contractor should be prepared to install a membrane that meets those requirements. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with leaks and other structural problems when they’re contracted to replace your roof.

Under what circumstances may the contract change the total price?

While you may have agreed to a strict price during the initial process, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is final. Occasionally, weather or unforeseen circumstances can cause a contractor to change the roofing materials. This will generally occur during installation, but you want to know what it entails before signing the contract. Understanding this information is crucial because it will influence your project’s broader budget. Additionally, they should provide you with an exact quote upfront to avoid any unpleasant surprises when the service is finished.


These questions can help you determine whether or not your potential professional is qualified to work on the project. Hiring a roofing contractor that doesn’t meet the criteria outlined above will result in homeowners needing to spend additional money on roof repairs down the line. In some cases, it may even cost them their homes if they cannot cover all of the damages caused by faulty construction. The great thing about these questions is that they can also help you determine what kind of person you’re dealing with.